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RE:ACT Hanged Man Hoodie
RE:ACT Hanged Man Hoodie

Sin Eaters Guild

RE:ACT Hanged Man Hoodie


Our partnership with this organisation continues due to our shared belief that the veteran mindset allows us the opportunity to make a difference where others may struggle to. We choose to do good, we help because we are capable and it must be done.

20% profit from the sale of each shirt goes to support this vital team.

RE:ACT (previously Team Rubicon UK) is a disaster response charity that repurposes the hard skills and experience of military veterans to operate in high tempo, dynamic and complex disaster zones, providing direct humanitarian action for the hardest to reach and most vulnerable communities.

Wearing the Hanged Man is a commitment to a mindset and community that will always move towards hardship and suffering, so that those that cannot or will not don't have to. Also to an understanding that You Are Your Actions - You and no one else is responsible for You.

Most people who wear a medium of our shirts will wear at least a large hoodie - If you’re unsure please drop us a message via

If you punish this hoodie in a dryer you'll get some shrinkage, best to take care.

80% cotton, 20% polyester.


XS 34"
S 36"
M 40"
L 44"
XL 48"
XXL 52"
XXXL 56"



RE:ACT Hanged Man Hoodie

RE:ACT Hanged Man Hoodie