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Strange times hey? As a community we are lucky in that we are best placed to deal with the challenges ahead. We have embraced threat, change and uncertainty, this has been or still is our normality. As always with capability comes responsibility, now is our time. It is easy for us to become frustrated with those who are panicking and acting selfishly and irresponsibly. But in that frustration we must remember that the vast majority of the general public will have never experienced this level of disruption to their lives and the scale of the threat now upon us. It will seem unreal. That disbelief and fear, fuelled by mistrust in the Government and media has potential to do real harm.  People trust those they know over those in power. Your actions will be watched by friends and relatives. ALL your actions, this includes your posts on social media. It is your responsibility to be a good example. Those around you will assume that your background gives you insight you may not have, do not give in to ego, if you don't know, keep quiet. Speculation and rumour will cost lives. Calm and good example will win through. Do the right thing. Stay strong.  You Are Your Actions

by Gareth Walsh •