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Who are the Sin Eaters Guild?

Sin Eaters Guild was born out of a desire to promote the veteran community and the mindset that sets us apart. 

Only through adversity can a person grow and we have embraced that fully. The experiences we have shared on operations around the globe whether positive or negative, cannot be bought or faked, only earned through hard work and suffering. 

Today many people are so disconnected from the hard realities of the World that they will never understand our community, or want to. No problem. We do this hard work because we are capable of it and so those incapable never have to. We should be proud but humble.

This community has grown to include those non veterans who embrace our mindset. Whether they be first responders or civilians who understand that this dangerous and unfashionable work must be done.

Regardless of background...  You Are Your Actions - You are Responsible for You


The Hanged Man and the Sin Eater

Our logo is the twelfth tarot card, 'The Hanged Man'. The card can be interpreted in many ways, one of which is sacrifice and this is how we see it. The hanged man is said to have voluntarily given up himself for the good of others and in doing so gained wisdom. In our version he is depicted as a skeleton holding out his own heart, showing that despite his hardship his heart is still strong. 

Our company name 'Sin Eaters Guild' has similar links to sacrifice. Sin Eaters were said to take on the sins of recently deceased individuals by eating a ritual meal. This would then allow the deceased person to enter Heaven. Our interpretation is not religious, but a recognition that in hard times good people may have to embrace darkness in order to fight it, so that others are safe.