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Sin Eaters Guild is committed to supporting those willing to suffer so that others don't have to. Whether that is through our day to day business activities or how we choose our business associates, it is always with a view to doing what we can to best serve the community from which we are born. 
As part of this commitment we will financially support a number of charitable endeavours a year to the best of our means through individual donations.
We choose to do this method rather than giving a percentage of our profits to a specific charity, as it allows us the flexibility to support particular feats that inspire us and to spread our donations to charities throughout our Worldwide community.
Please note that though we would like to, we cannot support all endeavours. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis. If we are unable to support the case on this occasion please feel free to request support at another time.
The stories and updates on our chosen endeavours will be found on our blog.
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