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Our t-shirts are intended to be with you for a long time, through repeated washing and tumble dryer sessions after you've sweated and suffered in them. Our experience with a lot of our favourite t-shirts is that they inevitably shrink and we can't wear them anymore. We have endeavoured to find a way to solve that problem. 

The shirts are unisex and are slightly sized up from what you'd normally expect. The idea being that although when you put it on the first time it may seem bigger than you're used to, it'll shrink down nicely over a couple of washes to be a great fit. (Or you could just get in the gym and fill it that way!)

If you have any questions get in touch and we'll let you know what size will be best for you.

This size chart refers to the T-shirt straight out of the packet.

We've always sized up our clothing - The label will say one size larger than you ordered - The chart below is correct.

 T-shirts (sized up)

XS 34-37"
 S 38-41"
M 42-45"
L 46-49"
XL 50-53"



Most men will wear a size above their T-shirt size.

XS 40"
S 42"
M 48"
L 50"
XL 54"
XXL 56"
XXXL 60"