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Night Vibes ZIP Hoody
Night Vibes ZIP Hoody

Sin Eaters Guild

Night Vibes ZIP Hoody


Night time is the right time.

An extra layer for when it's cooler. It’s not fitted, but also isn’t baggy.

Wearing the Hanged Man is a commitment to a mindset and community that will always move towards hardship and suffering, so that those that cannot or will not don't have to. Also to an understanding that You Are Your Actions - You and no one else is responsible for You.

Please take extra care with your sizing as we do things differently here - If you’re unsure please drop us a message via

If you punish this hoodie in a dryer you'll get some shrinkage, best to take care.

80% cotton, 20% polyester


S 40"
M 44"
L 48"
XL 51"
XXL 54"
XXXL 57"


Night Vibes ZIP Hoody

Night Vibes ZIP Hoody